Our Story

Corbitt Hills Construction combines family-owned business values and master craftsmanship to deliver homes and building experiences that are unique to Lake Gaston.


Who We Are

Over twenty years ago Julie and I built our dream home at Lake Gaston. We put our heart and soul into the project and created a timeless property that turned a few heads. After several calls inquiring about our builder, our designer, and our boathouse plan, we realized that we had created something different.

Without a formal business plan, we followed our passion and created Corbitt Hills Construction. We have been blessed with some of the best projects and people at Lake Gaston. As we look back, we have not only created beautiful homes and boathouses, but we have created venues for memories of generations to come. 

The bi-product of this business model is not just gorgeous homes and boathouses along the shoreline of LKG, but the environments that we created to etch so many memories into so many families. That is our proudest legacy!

Our biggest compliment from new clients is that “we know your homes and boathouses by just driving by on the boat“. Our way of harmonizing house, boathouse, and outdoor living is the true marriage of design and exactness. We approach every project as if it was our home and allow the clients to learn from our experiences. Corbitt Hills definitely has a look of its own. Our clients gave us our company tag line when they told us we were “changing Lake Gaston one home at a time.”